Innovative Machine Does the Job of Many

Moving and distributing materials is a labor-intensive task. The Mulch Mule is designed from the ground up for management of all types of bulk material and engineered to efficiently automate those back-breaking tasks. With the ability to repurpose your manpower and take on more projects because of its efficiencies, the Mulch Mule Material Handler is an investment that can pay for itself.


Leaf Vacuum

The powerful vacuum, auto tarping system and the fast discharge add unparalleled efficiency.


Wheelbarrow loads in 3-6 seconds unassisted provides speed and finesse beating out dusty, plant-damaging mulch blowers.


The forward and reverse Live Floor action provides easy loading and unloading of any skidded materials. It also handles nearly any bulk material with rapid discharge and unbelievable precision with the hand-held remote control.

Leaf Collection with Mulch Mule Material Handler

Preventative Maintenance

Our service experts execute critical inspections on a regular basis and conduct thorough walkarounds and technical analyses of your equipment. Advantages of preventative maintenance include:

  • Critical inspections on a consistent schedule

  • Extended equipment life

  • Reduction in unexpected breakdowns

  • Improved resale value

  • Documented maintenance schedule

  • Safety for operators

Free Demonstrations

BEC understands the importance of operating equipment before purchasing. To gain hands-on experience with any of our products, we offer free demonstrations.

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