Facilities Management Applications

  • Street washing and sign cleaning

  • Snow and ice management

  • Grounds Maintenance

  • Landscaping

  • Disinfecting public areas

  • Weed control

  • Street sweeping and cleaning

  • Litter collection

  • Message boards

Multihog CV350 street sweeper

Compact Sweeper

The Multihog CV Sweeper is a multipurpose sweeper capable of working 365 days a year

  • Option to change front brushes to other attachments (snow plow, mower, etc.)

  • All-terrain vehicle

  • 360 degree unrestricted cabin view

  • Sweeper functions controlled from multifunctional armrest within cabin

Multipurpose Disinfection

Multipurpose Disinfection

  • Chemical-free weed control, chewing gum removal, pavement cleaning and graffiti removal

  • Eco-friendly with zero use of chemical cleaning agents or pesticides

  • Hand lance available to clean hard-to-reach areas


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