Top Quality Products and Support

Brown Equipment Co., Inc. was incorporated in 1968 by Ralph E. Brown, in Fort Wayne, IN. Started to help an old Army buddy sell his newly patented “boom mower”, Ralph Brown quickly realized that man cannot live on boom mowers alone. A few other small items were added to the equipment line to help level the income stream.

In the 70′s, Brown Equipment became associated with a product know as the “Porta-Patcher”. Ralph Brown’s mechanical engineering background provided the knowledge to develop, add a patent, and build a product that was know throughout the country as a system that could patch potholes in any kind of weather. The concept of taking a cold mix asphalt material and actually removing the distillates from the asphalt, resulting in a true hot mix, had never before been accomplished. As a result of the Porta-Patcher’s success, Brown Equipment became a manufacturer and established dealers throughout the United States and Canada.

In 1975, Douglas Brown joined his father and spent those initial years learning the fine art of sweeping floors, welding, painting and eventually marketing. Doug became the dealer representative for Porta-Patcher in the United States and Canada. It was that exposure to successful equipment dealerships, that lead to Brown Equipment’s evolution from manufacturer, back to being an equipment dealership. Ralph Brown passed away in 1994 but the values he brought to Brown Equipment still hold true today.

Our Tradition

The tradition continues as third generation Scott Brown joined the company in 2010 and has taken on those same tasks that molded the generations before him.

Today, Brown Equipment Co., Inc. services customers in both the government and private sectors. Focusing, on street and sewer maintenance equipment, has allowed Brown Equipment to become recognized as a knowledgeable source for sales, parts and service.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide top quality products and support, to assure that our customers maintain a high level of satisfaction throughout their ownership experience. Every employee of Brown Equipment has a high expectation of how they would like to be treated as a customer and those same high expectations are our guide when providing service to our customers.