Company Commitment

Our goal is simple...keep our customers on the job.

Our Mission

To deliver the best solutions that are responsive to the needs of our customers and manufacturers.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the dealership of choice by customers and manufacturers with a commitment to the best customer service in the industry.

Value Proposition

We partner with leading manufacturers and offer the best service to keep our customers working seamlessly.

BEC History Porta-Patcher


In 1968, BEC started as a dealership selling boom mowers. Shortly after, Ralph E. Brown developed and patented the Porta-Patcher, which was capable of patching potholes in any kind of weather. The addition of the Porta-Patcher provided BEC the opportunity to transition to a manufacturer and build a network of dealerships throughout the United States and Canada. BEC today practices as a dealership offering equipment and service solutions to both the private and government sectors within the industrial market.

Our Philosophy

With a background in both manufacturing and selling equipment, BEC understands the importance of partnering with quality manufacturers and delivering unparalleled service to drive home the customer experience. It is through the practice of a customer-first philosophy that pushes us to know and understand our customers on an individual level. Our goal is to provide solutions to meet the needs of our customers, anticipate their wants and provide a service unmatched.